About Our School

The Early Learning Center Difference

Early Learning Center (ELC) has provided a strong foundation for Glencoe’s preschoolers for more than 35 years. Our goal for children is not just school-readiness, but life-readiness. We are proud to be licensed by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and to follow the Illinois Early Learning Standards. The standards were developed with the support of hundreds of Early Childhood educators in order to provide developmentally appropriate benchmarks. Our Early Learning Center teachers use this resource to guide classroom experiences and activities, providing a solid foundation for developmental and experiential learning.

Our Philosophy and Curriculum

Each classroom is organized into interest areas, or learning centers, where children are encouraged to explore not only the learning materials, but also their relationships with peers and adults. The classroom teacher acts as a facilitator to the child's learning, responding to the individual needs of each child. Activities focus on hands-on learning through interactive play and individualized instruction so that children are challenged, but not frustrated.

During the early childhood years, the primary developmental tasks children face are building trust, gaining autonomy and self-control, and developing competence and initiative. The Early Learning Center curriculum supports these developmental milestones by providing opportunities for children to develop their own interests and pursue activities they select on their own. The teachers listen to the children, seek out their ideas, and allow them to express themselves. At the same time, we set clear, age-appropriate expectations for behavior in an effort to engender success and minimize frustration. Children are encouraged to learn from their mistakes, to explore, and to take risks.

Our goal is to nurture and nourish the spirit of the child. Children come to us naturally curious and eager to learn. When they leave us and move on to kindergarten, they have a strong sense of power and self-confidence and are ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead.

For more information, check out our classroom curriculum maps: